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Our school gave us an opportunity to serve unprivileged students for different segments like sports, arts and sciences with option ranging from Basketball to Frisbee to other sports, to visual arts, computers and some more. I opted for ICT(Information and Communication Technologies) because I am pretty fine at computers as I have been learning computers for many years so I felt that I could help these unprivileged children to understand and Learn how computer works, what are the basic things in computers, how computers can make their daily life easy and lot more.


We distinguished a couple of key segments that we will brief the understudies with, which included parts, names and reasons for the PC. We made a point to limit the theory and stress more upon activity based learning because that is how those children might remember more and enjoy the classes as well. We explained those children different parts of the computer, and what are those used for, what are the new upcoming and alternatives for those parts. Then, we made them do activities, play games, and inculcate objectives in which they made use of those Computer parts most usefully, we tried to help them improve upon their typing speed on keyboard. How can they search things on web, how can they utilize microphone to search something on Google, rather than typing the whole thing. And a lot more shortcuts for the same.


The issue that came up was, even though the children were of somewhere about the same age but they had different learning speeds, so to help decrease the difficulty gap between the same, we tried to search for activities with different types of levels so that if someone accomplishes one level, he/she can move to the higher level, this had helped children to stay on the same page while improving upon their technical skills at different paces.

I accomplished 2 learner objectives(LO 4 & LO 5). LO 4 as I had to show commitment towards my work, regularly coming for service sessions, being committed towards helping each child, making sure that no kid is left alone without PC, in order to help each child learn intensively and extensively. After helping children learn something new, it gave me immense pleasure.

LO 5, I along with my other team-mates, made up a plan in order to how will we commence the sessions and how will we proceed with the same throughout. For me, I think working with a group can be difficult sometimes but after these sessions, I was able to work collaboratively, with my group and synergize to the best. Also, it was very important to work collaboratively because to handle such a large number of people(about 50) each time with just 8-10 people, it was pretty difficult to manage but working with each other was becoming easy for me.

So to conclude, it was pretty nice working with teams in order to help unprivileged children an opportunity to learn something important in the global society for today. Hence, these children learning new things in computers might help them in the future as well.



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