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Dumas is a beech in Surat which gets polluted a lot during the weekends due to large amount of crowd coming to the place for fun, eat, etc. There are many food vendors at the beech who sell food in thermocol, plastic vessels and they do not even keep dustbins in which public can dispose waste in. So, people throw the waste here and there, around the beech. Also, there are large number of alcohol bottles present within rocks and more different types of waste are present. This leads to damage of landscale, people might not come next time if they feel the beech isn’t clean, soil is also damaged due to same and ecosystem is affected overall because of it. So, it is really important to keep those places clean in order to survive from these negative outcomes.

So, to continue with this initiative to clean, we required materials and supervision. For which, I contacted Mr. Snehal Patel(who runs an NGO named The Nature Club), he gave me the number of a person named Goldy Sir, who helped us to arrange the materials like gloves, bags, masks, etc. in order to clean and be safe from catching any diseases while cleaning the beech. During the activity and while arranging for all these, I was able to achieve LO 3, LO 5, LO 6, LO 7.

LO 3 as I had to talk to Goldy sir, and simultaneously handle our group giving them information on where to reach, at what time to reach. Also, prior to this, we were going to clean a lake rather than the beach so deciding upon the same was also an issue. But at last, after deciding to clean Dumas beech, communicating to the main event organizers and us was a bit difficult but I somehow was able to accomplish it. This helped me work on my communicating skills and also leadership skills.

LO 5 as we had collaboratively worked in order to clean the beech, there were students of a navy school also, who joined us to clean the beech. Our group, the students, the people from NGO, worked along with each other collaboratively, to help clean the beech with utmost perfection taking the least possible time. We divided particular areas for particular people so, this helped to clean up the beech really quick.

LO 6 as Cleanliness being an important issue going on around the world. Cleanliness on streets and public places being highest priority. Dumas being a public place helped us grow sustainability and clean the place as this reduced the amount of pollution and dirt present at Dumas beech.

LO 7 as Cleanliness, garbage dumping being an ethical issue should have been catered to, we also had a conversation with people selling the food items if they could start keeping dustbins where people can dump garbage, as this would help the place to be much cleaner. This issue affects each and every person indirectly as dirt around us might lead to severe diseases, mosquitoes and other insects gets attracted to this, and then diseases start spreading due to them so it is important to help keep the places around us clean just how we keep our houses clean.

To conclude, I feel we as a team did a pretty good job in order to help the environment around us be clean and we must do this regularly so that we are connected to our surroundings.



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