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Global Odyssey is an event in which there are different industries like Food, Fun, Fashion. Here, the sellers aim to sell different products from across the globe. Food varying from Italian to Mexican to Chinese to Continental, etc. Fun and entertainment having different games originating from different places around the world and Fashion showcasing different clothing from around the world. I was in the Fun and Entertainment group, we created games like Tic Tac Toe with some changes, Beer Pong(without alcohol), Bottle Shoot, PS 4 with games like football, basketball, etc. I was the Cashier for our group of Fun and Entertainment.

We designed and decorated charts, and more pieces of artwork in order to attract people where I improved upon my creative, painting, cutting skills, especially while making the photo booth. It was helpful for me to gauge understanding about different games from different parts of the world helping me increase my knowledge about different cultures and countries. This event helped me to accomplish LO 1, LO 3, LO 4, LO 5.

LO 1 and LO 4 as I knew my strength to lead some key areas of event. Being a cashier, I thought would not be that difficult for me. But, at the start, there weren’t customers, I had to reach out to people request them, persuade them, everything with patience, in order to generate revenues. We had introduced PS after some time when there weren’t many people coming to play. It was necessary for us to gain revenues but due to lack of customers, we weren’t able to. And after introducing PS, there was a queue for customers to play, the demand increased drastically, and so was it important for us to increase the prices and get the most out of customers. So, managing that thing at that moment, while keeping a check on the giving each player a good chance to play was important and there was difficulty managing that but yet somehow I was able to do so along with my team members. Also, coming early to complete the pending tasks each time required me to be committed towards the task and accomplish LO 5 much strongly.

LO 2 as I am not usually organised but having done the job of cashier, it was important for me to keep a record of the selling price of particular game, the number of people playing the game, what are the costings of the game, and other parameters. And I was able to keep up with the data while selling the tokens for the games.

LO 5 as we had work in a team(made by our teachers). We made a plan deciding what games to be kept, how things should look, how to decorate things, etc. Each person had given their valuable ideas, and everyone thought upon it, leading to final 5 games that we kept. During this, we did have several large arguments but then, at the end we thought about the best for our event and were done with those.

To conclude, the event was amazing, we made some good amount of profits, even though we lagged a lot at the start. We worked with each other, came for early inns and were able to make the event a blast.



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