global odyssey was the student-led event in which we explore business and economics in real life by organizing an event where we provided different recreational activities such as food, games and fashion products so that the students from grade 7th to 12th can come an enjoy it. 10% of the funds raised from the event were donated towards charity. I was one of the event coordinators in the following in which I had fashion and decor under me. My work was to coordinate with other ECs and make sure the work is done on time.

LO 1- throughout the event, I came to recognize that doing work patiently can be considered strength while my lack of skills during communicating is my weakness. because of this realization now I can work upon my weaknesses and make sure they do not become a hurdle in the future. I think a person should be aware of his\her strength and weaknesses because it gave them an opportunity to work upon them and work accordingly. it becomes easier for them to make sure the work is done efficiently because now they know which part they have focus. If I get an opportunity to overcome this weakness I will surely try because communicating is essential in the real-world so that people can know about your ideas and views.

LO 2-According to be the main challenge was to make sure that my area doesn’t concur loss due to which I have to come up with every product that is more likely to be demanded and also feasible for us to arrange. As our target audience prefer creative and the quality product it was challenging to make it possible. Also, we were including products that are homemade which require a lot of hard work and knowledge such as bath bombs. Bath bombs require ingredients that were not locally available and also the process needs an accurate measure of substances otherwise it would fail which made it more challenging. clearly I haven’t encountered something like this in life before which made it more difficult to handle. As it became more stressful we canceled that product and made sure that we provide an alternative for the same that was body scrub. I know it is not clearly overcoming challenges but making sure they get the right product was more important and next time if I go through something like this I will make sure that we have enough time to overcome the challenge. I feel responsible for undertaking this challenge because as EC it was my job to make sure that everything is in place. By undertaking different challenges a person learns new things and becomes more experienced.

LO 3- I organized myself by creating an action plan and listing down all the tasks that needed to be done and at last assigning that tasks to everybody. I am not usually this organized but as it was a group event I had to make sure that I keep everything in check. According to me, the planning stage was much easier while initiating we faced a lot of problems and issues because while executing we recognized the flaws and things that were out of our hands. The skills that I learned was executing plan patiently and efficiently. Now, I think planning and initiating would be much much easier in the future because now I am aware of the difficulties and flow in which work should be carried out.

LO 5- As this was a group task, I learned how we should consider everyone’s opinions but make sure that our decision is not fully dependent on that opinion. It is quite difficult to work collaboratively because every person has their own way of dealing with things\issue. But the group work also helps to finish the task more efficiently and in time also more creative ideas are provided and more flaws could be highlighted in the action plan which makes our work better. During the event, I had to work with someone difficult but I handled it by letting them have their point and make them understand peacefully my point. Otherwise, I could have assigned that person another task but that will only lead to avoiding the issue. Also while collaboratively we can help each other in any task and make sure it doesn’t cause hindrance in our event.

LO 7- The ethical issue in this activity was our pricing strategy and are we gonna exploit our customers or not because easily we can charge higher prices from young students which were unethical. This issue does affect us because we had to incur a loss if every product is not sold. If we had taken the unethical route we had made a lot of profit. But during this activity, I learned that being honest not only gives us customer trust but also the satisfaction of doing the right thing I would consider important.

at last, during my whole project, I learned to be a communicator, a thinker, a principled and a risk-taker. This project did not only bring me joy but also a sense of accomplishment because I got to be a part of something of this level and got to learn a lot thing from my mates and my teacher which were there on every step to help me guide and make the right decision. Although this was a student-led event it would have been not possible without our teachers.  

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