Table Tennis

This activity consist of learning to play table tennis. I choose to play this sport because it helps gain control. One can have all the strength the one must know the way to control and use it smartly. It also will enhance my reflexes.

I knew how to play lawn tennis so it was difficult for me to play table tennis because the grip of both of the courts is similar but if I get confused then it can lead to low skilled performance in lawn tennis I had to put on all of my power in throwing the shot but in Table Tennis I have to control my power and my hand movements which was especially challenging. However I have definitely learnt a new skill and can play the sport by myself.

We also learned how to play doubles in tennis which required a lot of synergy. This was difficult because sometime the both of us would want to hit the shot and would collide and no one was able to hit the shot so we lost points. We slowly started understanding each others playing techniques and strengths and accordingly were able to synergize.

In all this activity helped me in developing a motor skill. I enjoyed playing table tennis and over the course a sense a achievement was established.

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