IIMUN Surat 2019

India’s international movement to unite nations was a Model UN conference held in November 2019 in Surat .I had participated in the capacity of the Chairperson of the UNWOMEN committee whose agenda included the #Metoo Movement and Gender Inequality .


LO1 Increased their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth

I had in the past chaired a committee of a maximum of 30 people but here it the strength was over 50. I learnt that I can easily try and manage a large committee but the only weakness of my position is how I sometimes get frustrated and angry.I resolved that to overcome this weakness I shall try and lead bigger committees in the future .

LO2 Undertaken new challenges

I had never chaired UNWOMEN as a committee as my area of speciality is the UN security council.I undertook this endeavor as a means to challenge myself and grow out of it .

LO 4 Worked collaboratively with others

Throughout the conference I had worked with my vice-chair whom I met physically at the conference itself.In addition to this ,I worked collaboratively with the Secretariat and Organizing committee members to make the experience for the the delegates awesome !

LO5 Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities

The two days of committee were very demanding in terms of physical energy and overall workload .Even after a very intense day and kept going on and completed the conference with high quality paperwork.

LO6 Engaged with issues of global importance

I was working on an agenda about gender equality and women empowerment which is one of the UN’s sustainable development goals .

LO7 Considered the ethical implications of their actions

There were a lot of new delegates in my committee , It was a tough task but I had to make them understand the due process and help them out throughout the two days .I knew that if I did not nurture them and make their first experience of Model UN great it will severely impact how they see an activity that I love and which can potentially change the world .

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