community service

By these services my experience was I get to know that this type of service gives us a great platform to examine alternatively and this type of service also teach as that to examine is not easy. And in this service, I was teaching football to unprivileged students and I have a great experience of these services. Through this service experience, I get to know that I was a quite independent player which makes many problems in my game.

And I have taught them how to pass the ball to a player,  teach how many players are in one team, teach that in one game there is only one break of 15 min, one game contains 90 min and the break will held after 45 min of the game starts, also teaches the basics. Services were held for 6 days.


“By this service, I have found my weakness by teaching unprivileged students and understand that by going examine you can find your weakness easily”

“Now I am aware of my weakness so I need to work on it and it is the best way to find your weakness and strength, now I feel that where I was doing mistakes”

“And it is important to know your weakness so that you can work on that and you can make a more perfect game. And you can know where you were going mistake in the game.”

“My weakness was that I go alone to other pitch and I think I will defend him best it was my mistake and other opponent players always take ball from me, so while I was examine unprivileged student I get to know that I also went this type of mistake so from there I get to know that I need to work on this and I will play like teamwork from now.”


” In these services the challenging thing was to examine/teach unprivileged students. This was challenging for me because I didn’t do this type of examine before. I have overcome this challenge by seeing how other peoples were teaching them and then I also did the same way and after sometimes I have done by my own self. ”


“This challenge will help me in the future because if in future this type of situation comes then I can handle it by my experience.”

“In this service perseverance was a great experience and it makes me feel good because I have done this type of service the first time and I feel proud that I have thought students and they did it, so it was a great experience for me.” 

“In this services, the commitment and perseverance are important because I feel that is student will follow my orders or not and I feel they will do that properly or not but they did properly and they follow my orders.”

It was a great experience for me and I have learned many new things from these services.

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