Table Tennis PS

Our school offers us the chance to choose our ideal game to play for the whole year. My friends were opting for Table Tennis and hence I got the urge to try it too. I got the desire to attempt it as well. I was new to the game and I didn’t know with the systems that are utilized, in any case, for rehearsing, we had a measure of gear including ball machines, great rackets, and great quality balls and different competition-size tables. I proceeded with the game for the following scholarly year and with time I learned numerous new methods like playing styles and various serves.

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

While figuring out how to play the game I understood that I was better at playing a striking stroke than a forehand stroke so I took to play the striking stroke more till I could improve my forehand play. I played of the machine to improve my forehand stroke as I could shift the speed and course of the balls with the goal that I could conform to every situation and improve my playing style to suit a more around play.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

I confronted numerous difficulties all through the excursion of playing Table Tennis. One of the significant difficulties was to adapt up to the level at which my friend was playing. They were more experienced than me at the game and it was easy for them to beat me at well-disposed matches. Be that as it may, as I kept playing with them, and by playing with them I got to know their weak points and then they lose many points from me.


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