Community service

This activity consist of teaching the kids from SMC schools, different skills. So, I choose to teach them the skill of art and crafts. My goal for this service was that by the end of this the kids who come to me should have endured the skill of expressing themselves through the medium of arts.

I identified my strength of helping the kids enhance their creativity. However I found that my weakness was that I couldn’t handle large groups of kids who came to me which lead to loss of learning for some kids. Having identified my strengths and weakness I will be able to sharpen them and work on my flaws of handling people . I took more of such events which will help me sharpen these skills. The reason behind working on this weakness is that this is a life skill and will help me in future. I feel that it is extremely important to know our strengths and weakness because that helps us in finding the right careers for ourselves and we get to know our personalities and character as well. Our strengths and weakness also helps in developing self confidence.

I found the process of coming up with different ideas of arts and craft which would help the kids in their life, a challenging process. It was easy to surf on the internet for activities of art and craft but to make these activities meaningful we had to connect it to their live⁵qffnge through different versions.

It has generally been easy for me to work in groups so, I was easily able to synergize with my group members this time as well. It was extremely important for us to work in groups so that we could divide our work and do things in set limit.

Quality education was the issue catered in this activity. This is a global issue because quality education has great Global significance and right form of education can lead to great development in a country, no country today can claim that all the kids in their country are getting quality education. Being a privileged girl I felt a great honor in contributing to this global issue by providing quality education to underprivileged.

In all this activity helped me become a more principled, reflective and caring human being. This activity also benefited the underprivileged because they gained the skill and importance of bring creative. This activity surely brought a sense of accomplishment and made a small societal difference of how how think of each other. I experienced harmony in us and the underprivileged so, both of the kind of people would wouldn’t think bad of each other. However a bit more of planning would have lead to a more successful and productive event.

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