¨The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word!¨ -Mata Hari

Dancing has been one of my favorite hobbies since a long time. It is one thing which makes me feel delighted and happy. I have always wanted to learn diverse forms of dance. I started dance class when I was a kid, however, I left the classes, whose reason till date, is unknown (to me too). Over the years I have changed from a person who considered dance as an outside activity to one of the people who took it out of pure enjoyment. I attended 2 dance workshops conducted by Nrityaki Dance Academy (owned by Ritu Hariyani and Akshita), in Surat. One workshop was based on a Bollywood song, while the other one was based on a Hollywood song. 

Freestyle dancing on Bollywood song has been my strength since I have been learning to dance. However, it has always been difficult to learn different styles and forms of dance. Hence, I chose to attend workshops which made me learn different forms of dance on both, Bollywood and Hollywood song.  It feels satisfying to realise your own strengths and weaknesses because then you have a clear idea about it and then you can plan accordingly to overcome your weaknesses. I tried to overcome my weakness, of not being able to learn and dance to different forms of dance by attending two dance workshops. This can further help me increase my knowledge about the different styles of dance and evaluate my learning wherever possible. 

The challenging part occurred during the workshops. It was challenging to mould myself in terms of the respective form of dance because I have never learnt that particular dance form throughout my life. I tried to overcome the challenge by practicing the dance steps again and again during the workshop and even during my free time, because ̈Practice makes a man perfect ̈. I could not thoroughly get through the challenges but I did practice and that is why,  I think I could pull it off. At the end, it does feel great and delightful to be able to face my challenges and if not completely turning them into my strengths, but at least trying to do so.

These workshops were held on Friday and Saturday from 7 to 8 pm. It was difficult to show commitment to the workshops because the workshop took place on weekends and that too at night, so cancelling out my different outing on weekends and attending the workshop was a bit difficult. In addition, it was necessary to be present on both the daysays because if we are not present on both the days, learning would not take place properly. 

In all, I think this was a really positive experience. It helped me overcome my challenges and develop my strengths. It also helped me learn new skills, improve my commitment level and apply my knowledge out of the obvious places. 

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