Global Odyssey (Food)

Global Odyssey was an event in school were we students of Business Management and Economics tried to organize various stalls of food, fashion and games and implementing our classroom knowledge. I was the part of the food stall in the Global Odyssey, making and serving tacos and salted tarts at the stall. Global Odyssey was on 5th of February 2020, but I was involved in marketing, planning and other task from end of January 2020. In this experience I covered the CAS strands are creativity and service, service as 10% of the revenue generated from this event was donated.

The learning outcome covered in this experience are LO1, LO2, LO5, LO7.

I covered learning outcome 1 as I identified my weakness of fashion as I had very less knowledge about the process in it so the knowledge of my weakness helped me decided that I want to have a Food stall at global odyssey.

I covered learning outcome 2 as I had a challenge that just before the event I had a throat ache so it was a challenge for me to speak much as this would lead to severe throat ache so for this I took help of my team members so I was preparing the food and the other members took order and collected payment,gave change so I needed to speak less were I understood the advantage of working in a team covering learning outcome 5.

I covered learning outcome 7 as we ethical choosed the raw material for making the food , considering the health of the customer and cooked food in fool hygiene and not fooling the customers.

Concludingly this was a great learning experience for me where I learned a lot and applied what I had learned in the classes.



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