Adams peak

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I climbed a peak called Adam’s peak in Sri Lanka. We had to climb 5000 stairs to reach the top of the mountain which was 2243 meters high. It was a night trek, so we started climbing at 2 am in the morning and reached the top at 6 am. It took us another 4 hours to walk back down.


At the beginning of the climb, I was walking quite fast. However, as the steps started getting steeper I started feeling more exhausted and tired. This showed that I lacked in my endurance level. I had to take a rest every 30 steps. With the motivation of all of my friends, I was able to climb the mountain successfully. I had will power which was my strength and it helped me reach the peak of the mountain. I believe that it is very important for us to know our strengths and weaknesses because they help us to grow and turn our weaknesses into strengths.


The biggest challenge I faced was walking in the dark. We had a torch with us but we couldn’t see much farther. We had to be very careful while climbing steps because there were times when the steps were slippery. It was a completely new and thrilling experience for me. To overcome this challenge we used to walk in a group of 5 and we walked slowly. New challenges allow makes us more self-confident.

As soon as we reached the top we started feeling very cold because of the windy weather. However, I felt quite satisfied that I had the opportunity to see such a beautiful sunrise after so much effort.

LO4, LO6, and LO7

The trek was very tedious and long. It took us 4 hours to climb up. So I had to have a strong will power to complete the trek. It is not usually easy for me to commit to things but this time I was persistent and I believe that when you are truly committed you can achieve your goal. 

We made sure that during the trek we did not drop litter on our way up and on our way back down. The issue of garbage being thrown on the streets is a global issue and it needs to be curbed. It was a small but very important step taken by us. Also, littering is unethical, so we made sure that we don’t misuse the resources provided to use like water bottles and packaged food. 


The learner profiles which I have developed during this activity are, risk-taker and reflective. 

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