For the Fountainhead model united nations, I was in the organizing committee as the decorations head person. It was a life long learning experience. I had to decide what decorations were needed on the assigned venue and also on the day of the event I participated as logistics. I covered LO1, LO2, LO4, and LO5. 

During the preparations for this activity, I was able to identify some of my strengths. I always liked crafts painting and origami which was one of my strengths. Furthermore, I like telling people what to do, being the leader is one of my favorite qualities. On the other hand, my weakness was I did everything will quickly which lead to some untidy work. I can improve on my weaknesses learn how to be patient, this way the outcome would be more pleasant. 

Moreover, this journey was challenging because of limited time and thinking of decoration ideas other then flags to make it look attractive. However, I was in the MUN organizing committee before which helped me anticipate problems that could occur at the last moment; banners falling off or some posters getting ruined. I solved these challenges by researching different types of decorations and setting daily goals which help me manage time. 

Showing perseverance was a tad difficult because we had to come early to school to complete our work and coming early daily was a problem. Commitment to come early every day was required in order to achieve the outcome. 

In addition, working collaboratively is something I enjoy and was easy for me. Also, my decor team made it easier because they listened to me and completed the work on time. For our logistics team, we divided our work equally like everyone attending 2 committee sessions each and taking turns to fill the water bottles before the event. Together we achieved a great outcome making the event a success. 



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