I was a volunteer for the event of Garba fest. I was also appointed as the decorations head. My job was to come up with creative ideas for decoration for the event. I covered LO1, LO2, LO4, and LO5. 

This experience helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths were, coming up with decorations ideas with limited resources. Communicating with my team members, and using daily objects around us like clothes, bangles, flowers and more. On the other hand, my weaknesses were, I was short-tempered when people did work slowly or something got ruined. However, I will work on my weaknesses which would help me connect more with my team members in the future, they will open up to me resulting in a positive outcome. 

This event was not very easy to prepare it was full of challenges like limited time for preparations, we only had 1 week to make the decorations hence we meet outside of school to complete the work. Other challenges included irregularity of team members hence workload increased and on the day of the event we still had some last-minute work. To work on these challenges I could have set goals for each day and managed my time properly. 

A lot of perseverance was required for this event as we had to come early to school for a week and we had a lot of tests coming up which made it more difficult. It is tough for me to commit to things as I get bored and quit easily but I survived this event. 

In addition, I had one advantage I am good at working in a team hence communication and getting work done was easy. Working in a team also helped get creative ideas and methods to put up stuff. We also divided work equally to reduce burden. All these things helped the event become a success.

During this activity, I developed certain learner profiles like being open-minded and accepting other views, risk-takers for tying up some new decorations not related to the theme, and communicator for communicating ideas resource list to others. 



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