Cycling has been an activity that I always used to enjoy doing, especially in the rainy season. Therefore, for my CAS experience, I opted for cycling as an activity in which I went to Dumas every Saturday for the month of July. Out of four Saturdays, I cycled 34 km on three, and on the last Saturday I took up a new challenge; to cycle 52 km at a stretch. It was a very fun experience where I realized my potential which made me more self- confident.

The learning outcomes which have been achieved are LO1, LO2, and LO4. These learning outcomes have helped me evaluate myself about my strengths and weaknesses. I realized that knowing your weaknesses could be very beneficial as you get an idea about the efforts that are required to overcome that.


During the course of the one-month exercise, I tried to increase my speed by learning how to draft. It was a challenging task particularly for me because drafting is a technique that needs a lot of concentration if you don’t want to get hurt. Fortunately, by the end of the month of July, I was quite confident about my drafting skills. It helped me improve my concentration skills.

I observed while performing the task that I got tired very quickly. My lack of endurance was my weakness. I could overcome that weakness by making an effort to try harder and work beyond my limitations. It has benefited me as my endurance has improved 


The most difficult challenge that I faced was during the 52 km ride. We had to bike up a hill and against the wind. I felt extremely exhausted because I had never done anything similar to it. I completed 52 km by not giving up. It is very important to undertake new challenges because it helps us overcome our fears and become more self-confident. 


It is important to stay committed to any task which you perform. For me, staying focused has been difficult and additionally having to wake up at five-thirty in the morning seems impossible to me. However,  this time I had made up my mind to complete this task. fortunately, I did.

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