Peace Cadre

Peace cadre was a student-led organization, which dealt with disciplinary issues of other grades. I volunteered to be a part of the organization, as I wanted to improve my leadership and communication skills. Seeing this an area where I wanted to improve, Peace Cadre was a great opportunity. All of the volunteers were divided into pairs and assigned multiple sections from from other grades. I was paired up with Dheer and assigned to three sections from G-9. Our duty was to monitor and solve disciplinary issues within these classes, so we took observations of these classes in our free slots to understand the state and flow. Initially, I felt shy to take observations, but after many observations I felt much more comfortable and normal. During each observation I noted key points on a sheet and added points reported to me by the class leader. Due to the regular interaction between class leaders and teachers, my communication skills also improved. We found that most problems were solved after consulting the student many times and explaining them their mistakes. The initiative lasted about 6-7 months and was discontinued towards the end of the year. Over time, I found that the process was becoming way more efficient, but mainer times I also felt lazy to go for observations when my free slot was going on. However, I tried to fight this and go for observations whenever possible. As I also had Dheer with me, we split up many tasks and often went to assigned classes in meal breaks. Whenever we had a problem, both of us had a different perspective for approaching it, so we tried to implement the best case considering both opinions. After understanding the concerns of the teacher, we tried to convey the message clearly to the students as a student and not a teacher. Due to this perspective, we found our consultations to be much more effective, as we also understood the student’s side of the problem. Classroom decorum and a healthy atmosphere is crucial for a conducive learning environment. Lack of monitoring can reduce the productivity and increase disciplinary issues in the form of bullying, which can have detrimental impacts on the students. Before making a concrete decision, we always analyzed the situation and gathered opinions, because we realized the weight of our actions on both the students and teachers. Overall, I felt that the initiative pushed me out of my comfort zones as I had to interact with unknown students and teachers on a frequent basis, which due to my shy nature I was not very comfortable.

We maintained a sheet where we listed all of our observations, however we are not allowed to share it.


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