I am very passionate about the sport football. It involves a lot of teamwork because it is a team game of 11 v 11. Different positions have different roles and they all combine together to play as team using various strategies. I play as a goalkeeper in most of the matches. Throughout this year, I have tried to improve my skills through various drills specifically designed for goalkeepers. Starting from diving to game awareness, there are many aspects a goalkeeper needs to focus on. Some improvements that I have made are that I now make much more frequent callouts by constantly communicating with my team-mates and I have started to do dives with various techniques. Another difficult challenge that I have overcome is diving, which is a very essential part for goalkeeper. Initially, I had fear inside me whenever I had to make a dive, so most of them were half hearted and were executed poorly. Through drills, I was able to improve myself and make much better dives, even though there is still a lot of scope for improvement. Also, positioning is very important, depending on the opposite player and the ball, positioning in a way to minimize the angle for the striker to shoot is very important. This is one area, where I have failed to make much progress, and now I plan to focus on this more. In addition, I changed minute habits like staying on my toes when the ball is close or always keeping a track of my position greatly helped me to improve. To get more drills, I even used online videos from youtube and watched live football matches to learn more and observe correct technique.

Risk taker- was able to overcome my fear of diving
Thinkers- trying to anticipate shots and being ahead of the game
Reflective- try to analyse my games and seek to improve myself

Alumni Tournament

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