Scuba Diving

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I did scuba diving twice in Sri Lanka. It was a completely new and exhilarating experience for me because I got the opportunity to see corals, shipwrecks, and schools of fishes. The first dive was 7.9 meters deep and the second dive we did was 18.3 meters deep.


I used to get panicked very often during the dive because of the lack of self- confidence. I was also unable to equalize during the second dive due to which my ears were hurting terribly. According to me, the more scuba diving I will do, the more confidence I will gain. This experience helped me realize my weaknesses and work on them to build confidence. I believe that it is important to know our weaknesses so that we can improve our skills. My hovering skills were quite good, thus, I could stay at one place in the water and look at the fishes swim. 


Two of the most crucial challenges I faced were that as I went down my mask started filling up with water which made my eye itch and we couldn’t come back up because we were already quite deep, so I had to repeatedly remove water from my mask. Due to this issue, I wasn’t able to enjoy the experience that much. Secondly, there was a lot of current underwaters, thus, it was difficult for us to move forward. We had to kick our legs really hard so I get exhausted very early. Even though I faced these difficulties I am relieved that I took up this activity because it was a thrilling experience for me which built confidence in me.


Where commitment and perseverance are concerned, I think I gave up too early. During the 18.3 meters dive, I was not able to equalize two to three times so I said I didn’t want to do it anymore. However, with the encouragement of my instructor, I was able to complete the dive successfully. Showing perseverance is important because it helps you to achieve your goal. 

The learner profile which I developed during this activity was risk-taking. Scuba diving needs a lot of concentration, patience, and confidence in yourself. This experience has also given me insight into different water pressures, buoyancy control and hovering skills.

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