Basketball Tournament.

I had been watching basketball for a very long time, aspiring to become as skillful and fearless as that player is what I aspired. Our Fountainhead community gave us this opportunity of exploring, being creative. I chose to opt for basketball which helped me learn several aspects of life. Refining skills, sheer dedication, and spot-on observation are some elements that I was able to infuse in my habits.

L2 demonstrating challenges and developing new skills.

A team game is always tricky and challenging. It is very important to identify your own strength which helps you develop as an individual and be a strong advantage to the team. Being in 11th grade with all the academic pressure, it is always difficult to maintain a balance between both physical and mental health. There were several different challenges Undertaken to learn 3 very important aspects of basketball which are dribbling, passing and shooting. Accuracy is very important in all three aspects of the game mentioned above, timing is a precious factor that affects the game play in this sport which I was able to gradually inculcate in myself. Communication with teammates in basketball work only on eye contact, constant observation and dedication were a must.

LO 4: Showing commitment and perseverance in CAS experiences
I believe commitment is the most important thing to succeed in any sport, or art. Initially, I did not take basketball very seriously. I played the sport just for fun. However, as our coach announced selections for the tournament, I was determined to be selected. I knew it was going to be tough, so I made sure I practiced thoroughly. Apart from school, I also went for practicing basketball during weekends. It was really tiring and difficult to wake up early in the morning, and my study schedule was also getting affected because I usually study in the morning rather than at night. So my mother suggested I should go for my practice in the evenings. It used to be an exhausting schedule, but I didn’t give up and got selected for my district level tournament. I was glad about my achievements, and learnt that nothing is impossible if one puts in effort.

Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively
Basketball being a team game have a lot of advantages in itself. Communication is the aspect that I had the most benefit of after joining Basketball in my CAS PS, doing drills with people, playing the game with them and sharing the pride along representing my institution. Learning the importance of communication in the game while going for the score or going for defense is very important. Playing at what position, covering what defender and most importantly how to adapt as a team as per the opponent’s strategies. You always need to be listening to your teammates while you are working collaboratively, accepting your mistakes and most importantly being a good listener and working on the feedback you have. It is always healthier which you have a healthy environment when you are working collaboratively/ as a team to achieve something big and it hugely impacts one as an individual. I learned how important it is to respect and help others to even when you are working collaboratively.
Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Following my routine, being wise about my physical and mental health and lastly maintaining a balance between studies and physical activity is my ethical code of conduct. There were times I tilted towards either of the two ends, it doesn’t impact anyone else but myself. Being competitive in both studies and basketball was very important to me so that I can have a strong image of myself in the world. Spending the assigned amount of time were norms I kept which I broke a lot of time which resulted in poor grades and weakens mental health which is why I made it point not the take a step here or there but being in the center so that I don’t impact any activity I do.

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