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I took up the initiative to teach underprivileged children arts and crafts at Fountainhead School. I got the opportunity to sit and interact with them. There was a lot of sharing of ideas between us. It was a very unique experience for me which has taught me to be caring toward others.


I achieved the first learning outcome by identifying my strengths and weaknesses and working to overcome my weaknesses. I have taken Visual Arts as a subject so I was quite familiar with what had to be done in Arts and crafts, which was my strength. However, when it came to expressing my ideas, I faced difficulty in speaking a few Gujarati words. So, whenever I felt that I am not able to communicate the idea, I approached any friend or a teacher to translate the word into Gujarati. 


The second learning outcome was achieved by accepting new challenges and facing them with courage. The most difficult challenge I faced was interacting with the students. I am quite introvert, thus, I couldn’t open up to them which led to minimal interaction. However, I made an effort to talk to them and get to know them so that they can feel comfortable. To overcome this challenge I decided to talk to them as much as I could and share new ideas about arts and crafts so that they can get some glimpse of this field.


We had been assigned groups and we had to plan activities for the students. We had been provided with materials and given a topic. Other than that we had to give instructions to the students about what had to be done and assign them different activities every session.


To achieve the fourth learning outcome I showed commitment and perseverance towards my job of teaching underprivileged students. I made sure that during the course I provided them with all the knowledge I had about arts and crafts. During the sessions, I helped them whenever they faced any difficulty. 


The sixth learning outcome is about engaging with global issues. When I met these kids I realized the difficulties people face in India due to poverty. Even though they were school-going children, they weren’t receiving a quality education. I feel disappointed that so many young children have to face extreme levels of poverty. 

I have become caring and improved my communication skills through my experience. This activity has benefited underprivileged children as they got an opportunity to learn arts and crafts. Overall, this experience was a success because I got to learn a lot of new things and at the same time I got the opportunity to teach others.

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