Community Service 2019

In the service session, I taught kids from government schools about computers and IT. The sessions were on 20th & 21st July 2019, 27th & 28th  July 2019, and 17 August 2019  and 18 August 2019. Timing being Saturday 1:00 pm- 2:30 pm and Sunday:9:00 am -10:30 am conducted in the school itself. It covered CAS strands Creativity and services. For this service, the students of government schools and the volunteers like me both came to school and the resources were provided for the session. I covered the following learning outcomes one to six. I covered the LO1 as I identified my strength in IT which allowed me to participate in such events and help underprivileged kids.

I covered the LO2 as I faced the challenge of communicating the IT terminology and make the concept easy to understand for them, to overcome this problem we working in a group so that the other partners who knew the local language (Gujarati) helped to complete the task. This also helped me develop LO5 and know the importance of collaborating and working.

I covered the LO4 as perseverance and commitment were important in the task as, the students were our responsibility and it was our duty to deliver the content and help them learn but if we were not committed and did not attend all the sessions, the learning of the students would get hamper so perseverance was really important.

I covered the LO6, as we catered to the UN sustainable goal, Quality Education which focuses on a good education for all, and as we were teaching them about IT, which is a significant topic and contributes to quality education.

I also developed, the following learner profile Caring as helping those underprivileged children developed a sense of feeling and emotion for them. Communicators as to communicating the knowledge and understanding with them. Balanced as the need to manage time and go for the service in my weekend and manage my time for studies.


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