Community Service

I participated in the community service in the football and sports sector when we taught the underprivileged or the poor children about the sport and made them play or help them gain a little knowledge about the sport. At the start, I thought it would be a rigid task but then when we started and while gradually proceeding the sessions, it turned out to be a great experience and an interesting task. I was really happy to see them thrive through the difficulties they faced.

The activity helped me achieve LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5, LO6.

I love playing football and If anyone is benefited from my knowledge or from my techniques so I would love to help them grow. Teaching the underprivileged ones was a challenge as we can’t master a sport in just a few sessions, so I realized that we were time bounded and that it was hard for others to learn quickly. Giving them instructions and making them learn was very time taking as most of them were Gujaratis and I didn’t know how to communicate with them in Gujarati so making them understand was a big challenge. Realization of these can help me in the future when I need to complete a certain task in a limited time. I want to overcome the management barrier in order to excel in directing events. Which will help me interact with a large crowd without chaos.

Moreover, everyone adapts to the environment different and with different speed so coordinating everyone differently was a difficult task as we had many children with different age groups and from a different locality, so making them understand was very time consuming but we needed to manage the resources well and make them teach with fun and learning.

Football isn’t so recognized in India compared to other sports till now, So I thought of teaching the children who have never played football to increase their interest over the sport and to make people aware of the sport.

Furthermore, Due to lack of education, the children were not so aware of the sport and was not able to understand what we speak easily. I was concerned about the future, that will the learning last in their life, will they continue to grow and will they play the sport in the future. The global issue is very serious as being the youngest of the nation, they will be the ones making the nation bring and developed, I was unhappy seeing the situation of the uneducated ones and what impact they’ll leave on the society.

In conclusion, I demonstrated a few learn profiles and characteristics such as open-minded, leadership skill and balanced. Accepting people as they are and making them grow and learn new things by leading them in a positive way and by not making them feel bad about their situation rather making them feel delightfull about what they can achieve have right now.


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