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Hello I am Devansh Jagirdar and currently studying in grade 12 IBDP course at fountainhead-school surat. I am not the most optimistic person but I do appreciate my friends and family and respect them the most. I like studying subjects which are straightforward and logical such as Mathematics and Physics, and hence I am pursuing civil engineering. Most people decide their subjects on the basis of their career but I decided my career on the basis of the subjects I liked so that I can be sure that I prefer whatever line of work I choose.

My most recent goal is to overcome my stage fear and increase my general knowledge and find a hobby for myself because when I came to fountainhead I came to know that everyone had some hobby either in sports or academics or something but everyone had a special hobby which made me realize what I lacked. 

My goal in life is to do something which makes me happy, I am not sure what that is but am sure that I won’t regret anything in life.

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