Through school, I took a trip to Mount Abu. Known for its beautiful trails, it was the perfect place to distant yourself from the rest of the world. The trip lasted for 5 days, in which I undertook 4 treks.


Trekking requires a lot of endurance as you need to constantly walk and climb for hours on end. Prior to this experience, I had never done trekking in my life. I also suffer from altitude sickness, therefore this experience was all the more tough for me. Nevertheless, this experience helped me overcome some of the challenges and helped me learn trekking skills.


There were several times during the trek that I wanted to quit and head back to the campsite but I knew that I had to overcome these challenges. Even after the treks, the pain in your legs is unbearable, however I was able to push through and able to complete all the treks in the program.


During the treks, there were times where I had to noticed people from my own trek trashing their plastic food wrappers and bottles in the bushes. This made me think that such actions should be condemned as treks are the only few places left untouched by human pollutions and thus they should be conserved.



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