In G-11 I was part of a web development Bootcamp held in school. I have always been passionate about it, but never committed to learning it due to procrastination. The Bootcamp was the perfect opportunity for me as it pushed me to learn.

LO 1 – I was passionate about web development and also had a good sense of design. However, my poor attitude was my main weakness. The algorithmic part of backend also seemed very difficult. However, I did not quit and after a few sessions started to get the hang of it. I still lack a few skills required to progress to the advance stage by I hope I continue the program as an area for growth.

LO 2 – I learnt a lot about web development by solving exercises and building small projects, designing a website, frameworks, making it dynamic. Enough skills for me to build projects I was satisfied with. I am now skilled in designing my own website with bootstrap with adequate functionality. As a part of the program, I was able to create a sample website for a photographer.

LO 4- Always being consistent was a little difficult, with the assignments and increase in difficulty level as the course progresses. However, as I was passionate about web development, I made extra efforts at home to stay on track and continue learning. I also contacted my instructor for additional resources which helped me further improve my skills.


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