CAS Project Holi Video Reflection

Lo3- We had done the delegation of the tasks effectively. 3 people were in charge of all the resources, 1 person in charge of publicity and one person in charge account. We had a group chat where we used to get updates on progress and had the meetings over video calls. We visited numerous food establishments to get the cost of food and drink items. We settled for a renown shop, whose rate was expensive but the food quality was great. We had a trial run prior to the event to ensure that we were not forgetting any important items. The promotion was done through word of mouth and WhatsApp messages. The person in charge of accounts would then collect the amount in person at school. In all, we were able to have 38 participants If a well-laid plan would not be made then the event would have been a complete disaster. Fortunately, we identified all the small problems that could lead to miscommunication and solved them.

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