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Hi, my name is Sarthak Virmani and I’m currently in grade 12 studying the ib dp program at fountainhead school Surat. I want to pursue Business management in the future so currently I study Business management, mathematics and economics at the HL level and biology, English and Hindi at the SL level. My passion is business and I enjoy playing sports like basketball and competitive esports.

Something I want to do in the future is learn more music and not just playing it on instruments but the technical aspects of it as well. In the past I have played guitar and would like to learn other instruments. I also want to learn how to code video games as I have always loved to play them but also want to pursue them as a business opportunity. I also want to learn how to do professional skydiving.

The career I want to pursue is Business Management for which I will be applying to a university in the United States. This would be a great opportunity for further education for me and I hope I will excel at it.

My goal in life is to be happy in life and do something that I love and appreciate whatever I have more. After Covid-19 I realised how lucky I am and it taught me to appreciate the little things in life.

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