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Hello there, I am Piyush, a high school senior at Fountainhead School doing the IBDP curriculum with a focus on maths and sciences.

Computer science has always grabbed my interest, so I have taken the initiative to continuously learn in the vast field and apply this to hackathons for solving real world problems. With such projects, I am also working on various research papers and internships related to CS. Even though I did not take CS as a subject in IBDP, I chose to write an EE in it as I was passionate about it.

In my free time, I like to play and follow football and cricket, watch good cinema, one which ‘shows’ instead of ‘tell’, watch youtube videos related to an array of topics, spending time with my family playing board and card games, playing online games with friends.

I am always curious to learn about new things if I am actually interested in them. It is very tough to be motivated in subjects I do not enjoy, however I have certainly improved on this during IB.

After finishing IB, I wish to continue my current activities and boost my time spent in CS. I am both excited and intimidated about the idea of moving out for college, as I will be having new experiences with new people, though I will have to become independent. My main aim is to keep on learning and developing myself.

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