Community Service

I participated in community service where I was given the opportunity to teach underprivileged children about my knowledge in the sport, frisbee. The community service was every weekend for 3 weeks where we were given the same set of children to develop their skills from the start. These children were Gujarati’s and it was hard to communicate but eventually interacting and playing with them helped me understand them better. This activity helped me achieve LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5, and LO6.

This activity helped me to discover my strengths as well as my weaknesses. Frisbee is a sport I am always interested to play and learn, and teaching these children made me realize this game was my passion. The language barrier and limited time was a problem, but I overcame those by managing the children properly and forming a short timetable where they were given appropriate time for water-breaks. We were fewer people for more children so we decided to do activities as a group so the pace they all learn was the same and we did not have to put 1 on 1 attention to them.

I had some challenges too, committing to come every weekend morning was a difficult task as I had to leave my own work. Nonetheless, I came for the first day and after realizing how my help would make a difference in the children’s lives, I decided to commit to come for all the days.

Participating in these activities also contributed to the issues of global significance, which was lack of education. Knowing that I was helping the world in a better way boosted my confidence. In conclusion, I am grateful that our school gave us the opportunity to conduct these sessions where we could improve as a person.





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