Community service

I participated in a community service activity for three weekends. I taught underprivileged children from government schools dance. This was a project very special to me as I didn’t only teach children but this service also taught me to teach others and to be thankful for what I have. This experience gave me a chance to improve the skills I already had and to develop new skills in dancing and communicating with others who I have never seen before. I have always loved to dance but teaching others how to dance was a new experience for me, an experience I enjoyed and would definitely do again if I ever get the chance to. 


Learning outcomes I achieved during my involvement in this service:

  • LO 1: This activity made me identify my strengths and weaknesses. I always loved dancing but never really showed it and considered myself as a bad dancer, but after teaching others dance I understood that I’m not as bad at dancing as I expected. I got a chance to work on my weaknesses in communicating with others. Communicating with the children helped me to work on this.


  • LO 2: The main challenge I faced during this was making the children understand a few steps. As they all were of different ages, some children understood and learnt the steps quicker than the others. And as teaching others dance was new for me, it was a bit difficult in communicating with the children at the beginning. Being patient was also a bit challenging as the younger children took some time to understand.


  • LO 4:  Going to school early during the weekends was a big thing for me, but I completed the activity even though I had to go early and give time to the service rather than other work.  I had to show commitment to this activity.


  • LO 5: I didn’t work alone in teaching the children to dance, I had a group of friends who were with me which made me work collaboratively and as a team. Working in a team is easier rather than working alone as everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.


  • LO6: I had to teach unprivileged children dancing, the children were from government schools so they were not as privileged as many of us are. Seeing those children made me realize that I should be very grateful for everything I have, especially the education I have gotten and what I am getting.


Finally, I developed the learner profile characteristic of caring as I helped others and tried to put a smile on their face. Overall this experience was very special to me and made me improve as a person and make me identify my strengths and weaknesses.


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