We (students of grade 11) organized a farewell for our seniors. We started planning a month prior to the event. I, along with four other students, was the decor leaders for the event. We strived to make the event as lively as possible. This event gave me an opportunity to showcase my creativity and leadership skills. Before taking up this responsibility I was very nervous about whether or not we will be able to meet the expectations of Grade 12 students and our teachers in terms of the decorations of the farewell


We had to come up with decorations that aligned to the theme of ‘Nostalgia Under the Stars”. I believe that we had unique and creative ideas to make the event look amazing. However, there was a lot of last-minute chaos on the day of the event, which could have been avoided if we had prepared everything beforehand. Now that I am aware of it, next time whenever I get an opportunity like this I will make sure that I don’t repeat my mistakes.


Working in a team of 32 people was difficult. We had to coordinate with each other, therefore communication played a key role here. There were a lot of clashes of ideas that led to minor arguments. However, we came to a common conclusion in the end. Moreover, we had a fixed budget, so we had to decide our decorations accordingly. We faced challenges in coming up with decorations that cost less and at the same time looked elegant.


We made a spreadsheet that included all the ideas and costs. Then, we divided the decor team into four sub-groups to divide the work equally. The first few days didn’t go as planned. As and how we started realizing our mistakes we made changes accordingly, and by the end, we were able to complete all the decorations. I do believe that planning as well as initiating will be easier as I have had an experience which has helped me improve on my weakness.


We were very excited when we started planning our decorations. However, since the day we had to go early to school to start preparing, staying committed became difficult. We made sure that at least the decor leaders did not miss the early-ins because we had taken up the responsibility therefore it was our duty to fulfill it.


Working in a large group is quite difficult because it can lead to a lot of arguments because of contrasting ideas. We had small arguments within the group, however, we came up with a win-win solution by the end. Working collaboratively can be useful at times because it helps come up with new ideas and complete our work faster.


There was a lot of wastage of paper which could have been reduced if our planning had been very strong. Due to last-minute changes in the decorations, we had to use extra papers. However, we reused a flex banner, which was our contribution to minimizing the wastage of materials.

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