hello, i’m kavish asija. 17 years old boy. currently studying in grade 12. I love my life and learn new things everyday and also try to make my life better. I love listing to songs it makes my mood, I am very interested in movies. I am a very sporty person, I love to play sports such as football, taekwondo. I loge traveling to different place and mainly places which are not discovered or famous. I am professional athlete and have represented my country in world championship taekwondo which was held in Egypt. I love to cook but I am not expert in that field but i am learning new dishes. I love to mange events and take part in managing. moreover i have taken part in various events, also have managed a Halloween party, all profits where donated. I love coordinating with others as I get to know more people and get to learn new things. I would like to improve my managing skills more as my career is related to it also I want to be more responsible as a person and mange my time more efficiently.

Outlook on life, I feel that people should be more confident on what that are and should not thing what others will think for them. I believe every individual should challenge them selfs and learn new thing from their failure and mistake, moreover people should not be afraid of losing or failure, they should learn from it and be a better individual.

Cas helped me to become a better person and learn from my mistakes, also cas gave me opportunity to know my weakness and improve upon them. I contributed to the society by donating and working. and i will continue this in future.

My dream is to become a better person and improve day by day. I want to make changes in the society and going good work also i want to perceive my career in sports management and be successful in my life.

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