Mount Abu Educational Trip

Every Year, our school organizes an educational trip of 7 days where in each year we visit different locations in our country. In grade 11, we visited a hill station in rajasthan called Mount Abu. It wasn’t a leisure trip, instead it was an adventure and trekking trip. We went on various treks throughout the week and also experienced certain variations like caving and climbing while trekking. We stayed on the outskirts of the town at a campsite. 

LO1- Trekking is already my strength but I tend to improve after every trek as every trek is a different experience. 

LO2- The temperature at the campsite is pretty low in winter and there was no facility of hot water, so we had to take baths with extremely cold water. We also used to carry limited water on treks and the thirst would keep on increasing with the elevation. We used the thumb rule to overcome that challenge. 

LO2 and 5- We played several team games at the campsite which involved conditions like playing blindfolded and without talking. This required a lot of teamwork and mutual trust. Other than that we also learnt how to play an ancient Indian game named “Gilli Danda” which is similar to cricket and we enjoyed it a lot. 

LO6- We ensured that we didn’t litter around during any of the treks/activities as it would damage the environment and deteriorate the beauty of nature. Also, it can  lead to death if any animal consumes plastic.

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