Mulher Trekking Trip

On 22 and 23 of February, 2020, my friends and I went on a trek to Mulher. Mulher is one of the many small forts which was built by Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji. It was used by soldiers to keep a check on the surroundings. The mountain’s elevation was about 3000ft. The place is situated in the state of Maharashtra. It was a two day trip, where we climbed the mountain in the evening and we returned to the base the next day afternoon. At night we had stayed in temporarily pitched tents which we carried with ourselves. We had also carried cooking utensils and food. We had instant noodles for dinner with hot chocolate and tea with biscuits and snacks for breakfast. This CAS reflection falls under Activity.

LO1- Trekking is my strength and my hobby as well. I have always liked to go on high difficulty treks so as to improve my trekking skills. 

LO2- Certain parts of the trek are always difficult where there’s steep climb or mud and people tend to slip more often. It is also a hefty job to carry tents, utensils and while climbing. 

LO4- Even though the trek was tiring and challenging, we were committed to finish it whilst some of our accompanies pitched their tents halfway to the mountain top. 

LO5- We worked collaboratively in carrying the necessities to the top, where we took turns and lifted it one by one to ensure that everyone doesn’t get tired. 

LO7- Permission for the trek had been taken and local help was hired so to ensure that the area is kept clean and no litter is present. 

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