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Hello I’m Utkarsh Sharma and one of the most interesting things to me is space, I love to read various books stating facts and theories about space. Similarly one of my hobbies is astrophotography, i am looking to improve on this hobby because there are various techniques and skills which could make my pictures look better. I also enjoy cycling and watching anime

I think i have an talent for logical thinking and learning languages, furthermore i am also good at making friends. On the other hand I am not very good at communication at a large scale like a group of strangers. Hence communication is one of the aspects i always look forward to improve. I want be part of big group projects and events which i get the opportunity to learn from.

I feel like life is a series of mistakes which you can learn from and the actions you take after learning become positive experiences or successes.

An issue i am concerned about is our environmental impact because us the human race is heavily damaging the very environment which sustains us. This could lead to a devastating outcome in the future. For this reason i want to learn more about the environment and how to preserve it. With this knowledge i want to spread awareness or do something in the future to address this issue.

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