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Hello, my name is Hetvi Savaliya, I am currently studying in Fountainhead school. I am a person who is quite inclined with creativity which is why I really enjoy doing arts. Apart from that, cooking and going to new places is also something I really enjoy. I have always tried to balance out my life socially, physically and academically, however, physical well-being is something I would love to work more harder upon amongst the 3 of them. My passion for arts have not only helped my horizons for imagination to expand, but also helped me grow as a person. 

If I were to be asked about my outlook on life, I would simply say ” It’s to live in the moment”. I highly think that everything is uncertain and we all might just end up always waiting for the right moment or right things without realizing the loss of some of the best ones.  

I would call myself to be an ambivert person to some extent , however, I prefer to  remain a listener rather than a speaker most of the time which is why I want to work on my confidence to speak up more often and put across my viewpoints well.

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