Activity NameWhat are the learning outcomes that will be demonstrated through this activityWhich strand of C, A and S will fit?LocationActivity duration – from dateTo date
Playing basketball In Ps slots and attending tournaments.L2, L4, L5, L7ActivityIn-school7/30/201912/2/2021
PhotographyL1, L2, L4CreativityOut-of- school7/30/201912/29/2019
Community serviceL2, L4, L5ServiceIn-school7/20/20198/4/2019
Upai ultimate regionalsL1, L4, L5Creativity, ActivityIn-school2/10/20194/10/2019
Cleaning dumas riverL2, L5, L6ServiceOut-of- school11/19/201911/19/2019
Mount abu.L1, L2, L5ActivityOut-of- school12/23/201912/26/2019
Farewell2020L1, L4, L5Creativity, ActivityIn-school2/21/20202/21/2020
Saving birds projectL1, L3, L4, L6Creativity, Activity, ServiceOut-of- school8/12/20209/16/2020
Global oddsey decorationL4, L6, L7Creativity, ActivityIn-school1/15/20201/15/2020

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