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Hello, I am Pravar Rathod, currently studying in Fountainhead school. I have chosen to take the full diploma with my major focus on Business Management, Economics, and Hindi.

I am a highly passionate sports person, a business enthusiast, and an environmentalist. I also have learned different forms of arts like drums, photography, and Karate throughout my senior years at school. Out of all these, I have found myself significantly better at business studies, I have constantly found myself reading books regarding different businesses. Adding to that, in my free time I also like to watch documentaries about the environment and research about various business-related careers like the stock market, data analytics, etc.

In all the things I am passionate about the most prominent are the environment and business. I have even wrote my extended essay on Environmental systems and societies (ESS). I am always passionate about ways to make the environment better but I have decided to pursue business in my future. I love the aspect of marketing and I have also helped my mother, a professional baker create an online platform where she can advertise and sell her products. I feel a person should be great at what they do and so I want to excel in the field of business by learning from a great university in India or abroad.

I am a grinder who likes to hustle. I dream to create a successful business in a field where I am interested in. I am looking forward to finishing IB and have a few months for myself to explore different business-related careers. I am also a travel fanatic and it would be my greatest pleasure to travel around the world. Nonetheless, I want to prosper in my life and career in the near future.

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