Online Fitness Class (GYM)

I joined online workout classes to keep my health good during the lockdown. it happens 6pm – 8:30pm every alternate days.

Strands: Activity

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I was a very active person before the lockdown because I used to go to some or the other place to play any sport or just a walk or anything to maintain good health but after the lockdown, it because close to impossible to move out of our houses to do anything, so while joining the online fitness class, I was able to identify that the active lifestyle helped me perform all exercises without any problems. Though I was struggling a bit to do strength conditioning activities.

LO4: Commitment to and perseverance

The classes were done 4 times a week and we were supposed to join from 6pm to 8:30pm which is a long time that needed to be dedicated. I used to join and do it regularly which showed my commitment towards the experience

LO6: Engagement with issues of global significance

Obesity is one of the worlds biggest issues and it is amplified because of quarantine and lockdown because of the pandemic. While doing these classes, I also told other people about it, and some even said they were motivated by me to take on a healthy lifestyle even in lockdown

Learner profile attributes:

Balanced: I am balancing my work/school life along with a healthy lifestyle as one should

Sustainable development goals:

Good Health and Well-being: Fitness classes help maintain a healthy lifestyle and good health, mentally and physically.

Why I chose to do this activity:

As Lockdown started because of covid-19, our contact to the outside world cut out, and we couldn’t go out as much as we did before, with this type of lifestyle, health problems are a big issue, and no classes were on too, which means little to no physical workout. I joined these online classes to maintain myself in good health, mentally and physically.


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