Frisbee Tournaments and daily practices

Frisbee, a sport that is not really talked about a lot, is one of my favourite activities to do. It is a long term activity.

LO1:Increased their my of my own strengths and areas for growth

I was able to observe and take on myself as an individual, where I could easily showcase the skills I had and make use of them for the activity. I believe my skills for this activity were advanced because I have been practicing for a long time.

LO3:  Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I have been playing frisbee for quite a long time and working on my skills since over a year and made sure that I had enough qualifications to be able to play a tournament. I have seen significant progress from my first time playing before the daily practices and after I started the daily practices. I started this cas experience by working on my skills, then gave tryouts for a team and then started playing professional tournaments. My overall progress has been significantly seen as I estimated.

LO4:Worked collaboratively with others

Frisbee being a team sport, requires immense collaboration between the teammates. What I found different in me was that not only was I collaborative amongst the members of my own team, but members of other teams as well. Frisbee is a self refereed sport which works on unity and integrity, so it’s necessary for every person on field to be co-operative in order to run the game smoothly.

LO5:Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities

I attended several practices that happened over the weekend or even after school at a farm near our school. This helped me work on my weak areas while also showing my commitment towards the activity.



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