Organising and Participating in Garba Fest

Garba fest was held on September 13th 2019, I volunteered to be a part of the organising committee, where I did the decorations, Props and managed other parts of the events. Garba fest is a night full of dancing and music, so there was activity involved too

Strands –

Creativity and Activity

Why I chose to do this CAS experience:

As a Gujarati, Navratri (Festival where we play garba to celebrate along with many other things) has always been very close to my heart. It was an honour to be part of a team that organised a big scale event for Navratri for our school.

LO1: Identify your strengths and and develop areas for growth

I have always been inclined towards Navratri because it’s a festival of my own culture; while volunteering for decoration, I identified my strength for props making and planning decorations out according to the venue. I developed my areas in terms of dancing while doing garba.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills

I have mentioned several times that dancing is something that scares me especially because of my shyness and stage fear and doing garba in front of almost 150 people was a challenge for me, which I undertook and overcomed.

LO5:Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

This was a large scale event and it wouldn’t have been done so great without the efforts of team work. Our entire team worked collaboratively and co-operatively to make sure the decorum of the event stays maintained throughout.

LO7: Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions

For the decoration, we reused papers and materials from previously done events to make sure we use less resources and are environmentally friendly

Learner profile attributes:

Thinkers: I needed to think and input ideas for the decorations

Open-minded: I needed to make sure to take in all points of views and opinions

Communicators: Team work was a key element while planning this event, for which we needed to communicate consistently and frequently

Sustainable development goals –

Good Health and Well-being: Doing garba is an excellent form of activity, which takes care of our good health and well- being

Partnerships to achieve the Goal: Without the efforts of the team, the outcome of the event would not have been that good, so our partnership helped us achieve a good event.


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