Ever since I took basketball as my PS sport in grade 7, I’ve developed a major interest in this sport and till now, it’s one of my favourite hobbies. This sport has helped me become more fit and it also gave me many opportunities to take part in competitions in and outside of my city.

LO1- One of my strengths since the beginning has been my height, and because of that, I happen to play defense. Luckily I’ve always been good at defense and basketball has done nothing but help me improve my skills for the same. One of my weaknesses that I need to work upon and that basketball has helped me is my shooting. I tend to become nervous in front of people, and it used to hamper my game. Over the course of these 5 years, basketball has helped me improve my strengths and weaknesses both.

LO2- A lot of times, we had to come early for practice as a team before any competition, and that used to hamper my timetable and my after school schedule. Despite the practices being fun and getting to spend time with my friends, it also used to tire me out often, hence it used to affect my sleep schedule. Since there was no other option, I had to remake my schedule and manage my homework along with after school or early in practice. These practices made me improve my shooting skills and offense skills since my friends used to help me become better at them.

LO4- We often had basketball practices and for that, we used to meet outside of school to practice as a team and to improve our game as a team. We also used to come early to school since our coach used to help us with new tricks and team game strategies. We had to manage our homework and after school schedule for the same, and these practices used to last for a month or more. Despite it affecting our timetable, it helped all of us improve our game and we got to learn many new skills as individuals and as a team.

LO5- Since basketball is a team game, we had to spend a lot of time practicing as a team. It helped bring all of us closer than we used to be, and it helped us develop our skills. Working in a team was really beneficial since you always had someone to help you either with practicing or shooting or helping you with a skill. We used to meet after school to play basketball and to practice and it really helped me work on my weaknesses and strengthen my skills. 

To conclude, joining basketball as my PS sport was a great decision because it helped me grow as a person and it made me improve my skills and give me amazing opportunities to play in an amazing team.

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