Physical fitness is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle. My parents literally abide by it and are very particular about maintaining their physical fitness. This inspired me to ensure my fitness too. Thus, I joined a gym in order to make myself fitter majorly by increasing my endurance and agility and also by toning my body with some muscle as well. In this CAS experience, I achieved LO 1, 2, 3,4, 6

Lo :1 

During this CAS activity, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Listening skills have always been my strength. Clearly listening and following my trainer was the only way I could achieve my aim. By listening to him, I was also able to learn how muscles in each area functions and how to maintain it as well. More importantly, I was able to identify my physical weakness which was stamina. However, I was able to build up my stamina through this activity. My trainer had set specific targets for me to help build up my stamina, like starting with 5 km running and 5 km cycling. Building up my stamina was very important as it will keep my health and immune system healthy and would also prevent me from getting cholesterol, obesity aur any other related problems.

Lo 2:

Doing core workout caused a lot of pain in my core muscles which led to negative implications on other activities in life and I used to rest a lot the very next day when I did core workout. I could barely move my body once I came back from the gym in the earlier stages and it got difficult for me to manage pain and my studies as well. There were certain days where I could not even wake up on time due to the pain and tiredness and I missed my online classes as well for it so that I could repair myself for next gym day. However, due to such challenges which I faced, I was able to develop the power to withstanding pain and intense workout and gradually, I was able to bear the pain as my core got developed. Moreover at a later stage I was able to develop self management skills as well, as I was able to manage my time for study, gym and my family as well. Which I believe is most important learning for me.

Lo 3:

Although I had a personal trainer with me, it was up to me to decide which day I will be focusing on which muscles. Initially I was facing issues to follow my schedules, but I tried my best to not miss any muscle dya hence I made a strict plan for workout as well as my diet chart with the help of tranniner who use to guide me on weather or not I should include any other activity or food in my list. I researched online regarding the muscles which I should focus upon and the supplements which I should take during my workout. Though I struggled a bit because I never took such supplements so it was difficult to digest for once. Though I found this to be a good opportunity to develop my body for future and be fit during such times as well and manage my time. Planning everything beforehand helped me to be efficient and maintain my productivity and to be more organized. Also checking each day kept me motivated to do more complex workouts

Lo 4:

Commitment was essential for this activity. After every day of intense workout I get muscle pain as mentioned above which lead to me getting irritated very easily. Hence, I had to be highly determinant towards my goal and importantly  I had to be mentally strong as well. Initially, it was extremely difficult for me, however over the period of time it became easier for me to cope up with the pain. Hence showing commitment towards activity was very challenging however fun at the same time and I was able to accomplish it

Lo 6:

Obesity is a global issue that has affected the high number of people around the world. This isn’t just a personal issue but also a global issue as obesity leads to a fall in the productivity capacity of a country as people’s efficiency would be significantly low causing a lower output. Hence, I kept myself motivated to exercise daily. Working out daily will collectively enhance my physical and mentally strength. This will make me much more productive. 

Lo 7: 

I had already considered and made ethical choices since the very beginning stage. I know if I don’t workout just due to procrastination, I will feel guilty at the end of the day which may hamper my health adverly. Which caused my mind to take immediate actions and choices throughout which caused a mental push for me to work out every single day even if I felt lazy or sleepy. My morale of balancing out on my health would help me in future to live a better and healthy life. Moreover I considered my ethic throughout the activity as I did pick up weights without warming up though I felt tempted, still i managed myself realising that it may affect my muscle and make me injure. Secondly, I always ensured that I followed the gym rules and government guidelines and hence I was wearing shoes and maintaining distance with everyone throughout this activity.

Thus, the learner profiles that I developed were principled because I followed this thoroughly and with all integrity, I also developed the habit of being balanced, as I balanced my family time, study time and my gym time collectively. This activity definitely brought a sense of achievement, it made my day feel productive and made me very happy, as I use to learn new things every week about muscles and impact of various food which we intake.

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