Global Odyssey (project)

Global Odyssey (project)

Global odyssey was a student led event organised on 5th february 2020. In this event we the students of IB business management and Economics were leading the event. The goal of this event was to let us students apply what we learnt in our subjected in real life. The event had 3 main sectors: food, fun and fashion. As the food team leader our job was to set up food stalls in the lawn where people would come and purchase snacks to enjoy during the event. We had to decide on what to sell, how many stalls to set up and preparing and selling the food on the day of the event. After the event we were to donate 10% of the revenue to a charity called “friends with tails”.

The learning outcomes covered in this CAS experience include: LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5, LO6, and LO7.

Lo :1

The event proved to be extremely draining as it required a lot of physical effort and mental effort. We faced many issues such as our ovens not being big enough to keep up with the demand. We had to use our problem solving skills to get through these problems. I also realized that under a lot of pressure I tend to make poor decisions which is something that I need to work on myself as in life there will be many such instances.

Lo :2

My team was responsible for deciding, preparing and selling the food. This meant that we had many deadlines and a lot of pressure to complete taks. We had never done anything on this big of a scale and deciding on things such as quantity requirements and number of dishes we would and many more. We solved all of these problems by communicating and sharing our ideas with each other.

Lo 3:

Due to the extreme variety food offers we first decided to brainstorm ideas and list down our options. We decided to make our selling point mixed cuisine dishes. This was because we wanted to be unique and stand out. Together as a team we came up with a menu and delegated tasks to all our other members. We gave each member a complete dish or a specific item they had to bring. We also set up a tasting once we finalised our menu. We also decided to seperate the stalls depending on the dishes they each were gonna sell. On the day of the event we had to serve the dishes with proper hygiene so we gave out basic instructions to our members as to how to maintain that hygiene and what portions to serve so we ramain profitable.

Lo 4:

This was a massive event and everything had to be done perfectly. From the portions to the quantity, we needed to ensure that we didnt get too little or too much and that required a lot of planning. We had to plan a lot and it took a lot of effort. We faced problems such as very high costs which we had to counter by purchasing directly from wholesalers. We as group leaders also had to meet outside school times to discuss on how we were gonna move forward which took a lot of time and effort from our part.

Lo 5:

Teamwork played an extremely important role in the success of our event. I enjoyed working a lot with my friends and by knowing all of them very well we were able to assign tasks to them based on what we thought they would we good at. We were successful in achieving our deadlines and even on the day of he event we faced far less problems then we anticipated as members of our group were doing their roles to the fulles whilst helping others as much as they could making our food stall very efficient.

Lo 6:

We donated 10% of our revenue to a NGO called friends with tails. It is a a non-profit organisation whose goal it to ensure the safety of stray dogs. As we knew in stray dogs are mistreated very commonly and almost all of them live day to day searching for scraps of food in trash or drink from dirty puddles. We thought that we should support such a cause as we could help so many unfortunate animals and we were able to donate a good amount of money to that charity thanks to the success of our event.

Lo :7

During the event we decided to use ethical practices in our preperation and on serving. As we were a monoploy we decided not to overcharge the consumers which were mostly kids as that would be morally wrong. We also ensured that we did not waste any of our leftover food items and at the end of the event served it to the staff that helped us set up the stalls and more. Ethics are a important part of any event as to create a better world we need to remain as ethical as we can even if it means that we face more challenges or lesser profits which is a lesson we learnt from this event.

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