During the lockdown I got to know that being independent is very important in life as I thought that what if I would have been stuck in lockdown where I did not have my parents. So I though that learning how to cook was essential. So I asked my mother to teach me how to cook. The Los achieved were LO 1,2 and 4

LO1-Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

The strengths I had was that I was aware of most of the kitchen utensil as I used to watch cooking shows and now that prior knowledge helped me in cooking. I was good at remembering the recipes and my dedication helped me learn faster. However, my lack of practice made it harder and my techniques was not adequate. This made the food less delicious. I used to have errors in timing as I used to let the food get burnt or forget a step while cooking even though I knew what it was. I learnt that I needed to have better creativity skills and faster decision making skills to become a better cook.

LO 2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

While learning I found out that I was quick in learning the steps but struggled to remember them as they don’t align with anything I have learnt before. Previously I had no idea on how to cook so remembering the recipe was difficult. I also faced difficulty in cutting vegetables as I was always scared that I would cut my finger. Moreover, cooking takes time to perfect so initially it was very demoralising when I tried so hard but the food was not the delicious. So I learned that patience is key to everything and that not to quit early as it gets better and better every time you try.

LO 4- How commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Cooking is a skill which takes time to expertise in and thus it required a lot of commitment from my side. The initial dishes were very demoralising and , it was hard not to quit , However kept on trying and eventually succeed in cooking some dishes which would be enough for my survival if I am alone.

Overall, learning how to cook was very fun and it will surely be a very important skill that will help me in the future.


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