Even though I don’t go to the kitchen enough, I have always been interested in cooking. Even during grades 8 and 9 I took cooking as a part of AS in school since I found it fascinating, however once IB started I absolutely forgot about this interest of mine. Hence, after the lock down was imposed I saw several people cooking new things everyday which also inspired me to cook/bake things myself and therefore I decided I’d cook at least one new dish every week.

This experience consisted of LO1 since I identified several of my strengths and weaknesses. For instance I realized that I’m overall better at baking than cooking, however I also understood that I wasn’t the best at baking cakes. This weakness however, also helped build my patience since I had to try multiple times to bake the perfect cake and eventually succeeded.

Another LO that I achieved was LO3 since I myself initiated and planned this activity and decided the time limit and frequency at which I had to indulge in it. In this learning outcome, my organization is highlighted where I had to make sure to select a day and time that was suitable for me. I also had to make a schedule that did not give me too much burden at the same time one that ensured I remained motivated to the experience.

Commitment was another issue and challenge in this experience which I eventually conquered hence the learning outcome 5. Since I was constantly at home, I would prefer watching a movie or using electronic devices rather than actually going to the kitchen, however I think the main reason I continued doing this was because of social media itself which provided me with new recipes everyday causing me to want to make them.

This experience was unlike all my other experiences, however, it was probably the most fun despite me having to do it alone. I really had a lot of fun creatively making new cuisines and sharing it with friends and family.

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