Global Odyssey

Global Odyssey was a CAS experience of mine in which I focused on the strands creativity and service. This was an event that focused on group 3 subjects of IB where we had to put up an exhibition with different stalls including food and accessories. I was a part of the food team where I had to bring and cook food on the day of the event and all the profits were donated to charity.

This experience included LO2 where I overcame the challenges that were present in the task. Since I was in the food department, initially there were a lot of problems regarding choosing the menu and who will bring what, however we collaboratively resolved that issue and tasks were well divided. There was also another challenge faced by us when certain group members failed to turn up on the day of the event therefore we had to find substitute food items and manage the stalls.

Another LO that was in this experience was LO4 where we had to show commitment to the task. Since this was not my CAS project, I could have chosen to skip this event and pay no heed to it like some students did. However, I found myself helping in the decoration of my stalls as well which made me fulfill my commitment to take the event seriously.

LO5 also was present in this experience since all the tasks were to be done in a group whether it was arranging ingredients or making the food and serving. Therefore through this experience I built on my co-operation skills and learnt how to calmly listen to ideas.

Overall, the event was extremely fun and even though the food department wasn’t as successful as we expected it to be, I learned several valuable lessons.

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