strands covered – activity.

gymming was my option to workout and reduce weight which was introduced to by my parents and my coach. however it was not only for weightless I soon realised. It made me feel healthier than before, I did had some challenges but some modifications were good to be made and it followed for 2 to 3 months.

LO1 –

I developed endurance while working out and going cycling for 15-20 kilometres as an alternative to cardio some days. I also developed some basic core strength which not only helped me with tone my body because of the exercise but also helped me become better at many things while played sports and doing other regular work.

LO 4 –

Being a persistent in gymming was a big challenge for me because of having sore muscles due running on treadmill or doing abs workout or other alternative workouts. somedays I did not have the strength to get up and reach the gym because I just didn’t wanted to. there were days when I was in periods, because of that suffering pain I did not attend gym for 1-2 days and had to overcome extra heavy workouts such as walking 5 to 7 kilometres or doing for a jog including other exercises in the gym to coverup. However, while appreciating this experience I grew as a person a lot. I became more committed to things that I thought were not meant such time to be given and those things turned out as my new hobby such as drawing and stitching.

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