Garba fest.

strands covered – activity.

I knew what garba is but I had never played it however this year I did with my friends in school as I was interested into it and wanted to join in with my friends. Before joining the event I thought I might get bored and that it might not be my cup of tea however I had a blast of enjoyment and made tons of memories not only with my friends but with students from other standards and teachers. it was just so fun…

LO4 –

As I am not confident with garba as I did not know how to play/dance I watched a few videos to get a little familiar with the dance form. it was difficult even after watching the videos (to be honest it was much difficult after watching the videos I guess). However, thanks to my friends who supported me even when I was a little shy to dance and was concerned that I might end-up ruining others dance, my friends helped me learn half dance steps throughly and made me feel supported and confident. thanks to that experience I could play garba thought the navratri festival .

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