Due to the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, I could not do outdoor activities like playing football or going to the gym. For me, outdoor activities are necessary so that I can maintain my health and fitness. So I decided to start working out at home. To keep the workout flow, I took the help of technology and used the online training app Adidas training, which has planned workouts according to your weights and body condition. So it was easy for me to plan the workout sessions. The CAS is ACTIVITY, and the learning outcomes achieved are LO 1, LO 2, and LO 4.

LO 1:- I was able to find my strengths and weaknesses by working out at home. I need to increase my physical strengths and work on my core muscles to make my body fit. With the training app’s help, I usually did Full Body workout to get to know my body’s strengths and weaknesses and where I am lagging, and the areas where I need to work.

LO 2:- There were many challenges which I faced, such as, there were many very tiring workout. I was not too fond of the cardio exercises. Due to the lockdown, there was no trainer present at home, some of the activities went wrong, and there were muscle aches and body pain. There were some exercises that I was doing wrong and not in the correct positions, which caused body pains. But after consulting a physiotherapist in my building, I was able to correct my mistakes.

LO 4:- Show commitment towards the workout was necessary for my body. Sometimes, I felt like not doing the exercises to buy my family pushed me and supported me in showing my commitment to daily workout and improving my health condition. To support me for the training, my brother also started doing an exercise with me. It helped me to wake up early and show commitment towards it and keep my body fit.

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